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Great tournament expereince at the 2016 JKI!

NBT is back from the 2016 Jimmy Kim Invitational! NBT/AZU Medal count: 17 GOLD, 8 SILVER, 4 BRONZE

(Instructor Anh in RED - Spinning Hook Kick)

Johnny Nguyen - GOLD Anh Le - GOLD Alessandra Galasso - GOLD Reno Lee -GOLD Jiro Delacruz - GOLD Isaiah Graves - GOLD Avi Zandieh - SILVER Evarjohn Brual - SILVER and BRONZE Ara Zandieh - GOLD Athena Le - GOLD and SILVER Andres Lom - GOLD Maggie Strickler - GOLD Kay Keonammavong - GOLD and SILVER Gwen Calaro - BRONZE Hunter Pavone - BRONZE Owen Calaro - GOLD AND SILVER Kian Sodefi - SILVER Diego Parra - quarters Chase Pavone - Quarters Mikayla Anderson quarters Francesca Galasso - round of 32

AZUNaomi Oh - GOLD

Jesse Forbes - semis

Karla Perea - GOLD

Devin Cassel - quarters

Johnny Engadga - GOLD and GOLD

Hannah Waller - GOLD

Valentina Guzman - quarters

Andrew Yoon - quarters

Ryeland Lolly - round of 32

Cali Waldman - BRONZE

Kara Ugarte - SILVER and SILVER

Zach Shih - quartersIssac In - semis

Great work team! NBT and AZU well represented the state and looking forward to the next competition. Thank you to all the hard working coaches Anthony Nguyen, Johnny Nguyen, Rubben Lolly, Ejin Kim, Reno Lee and Scott Dillingham. 📷 credit: Jay Black, Kary Keonammavong, and Ejin Kim. Order prints at Kenshin Delacruz- round of 16

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